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How Gutter Helmet prevents common summer gutter problems, easily keeps your gutters clean

If you hate even thinking about cleaning your gutters, believe us when we say, you’re not alone. Today we had the perfect person with us to share some solutions that will save you hours of gutter cleaning in your life time. Here’s more from Ken Evancic, dealer for Gutter Helmet of Central Indiana.

Common gutter problems in the spring and summer:

This year, we have seen a significant amount of small debris fall from the trees, such as Maple seeds (helicopters/whirly birds), Cottonwood seeds, Sweet Gum seeds, and other misc seed pods. 

Small debris can easily clog gutters, downspouts, and drains. This will force gutters to overflow that commonly causes ground erosion and also drain back towards the foundation of your home. 

If not cleaned out frequently, seed pods can quickly grow in the gutters and create an environment that attracts insects and other pests.

The easiest solution to avoid all of these problems is to install an effective gutter protection system that doesn’t allow small debris to get stuck in and clog the gutter system. This year alone, Gutter Helmet has had to replace numerous gutter protection systems that were not only ineffective, but caused more problems than they solved. 

Remember, if you’re having a problem with seed pods and other small debris, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have a significant leaf problem in the fall, so it’s best to plan ahead before the next season comes around.

Gutter Helmet is the nation’s oldest gutter protection system, and Gutter Helmet of Central has been helping customers retire their ladders since 1985. 

For more about Gutter Helmet and to book an appointment, visit their website and Facebook.