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How to celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Melissa Jones, founder of Girls Positivity Club, shared more information about Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, which encourages adults to tell kids how absolutely incredible they are. Here are three of her suggestions on how to celebrate:

1) Be intentional about your words to them. Praise them not only on achievements, but on their effort, character, and noticing the little things they do that makes them incredible.  

2.  Make it visual– Write them a letter they can reread, make them a sign in their bathroom, put a sticky note or notecard in their lunch, by their backpack, You can get crafty or keep it simple.

3.  Post about an incredible kid on social media.  There is always room for positivity on social media.  Choose to spread positive news by praising an incredible kid. 

For more information on Girls Positivity Club visit their website.