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How to cut down on food waste

Food waste is a huge problem, with 61% of waste happening at home and costing families almost $2000 a year. But there are simple solutions to this problem, and Julia Grieve, the Accidental Environmentalist and founder of the sustainable fashion brand Preloved, has some great tips to help you reduce food waste and save money.

One of the main ways to reduce food waste is through proper food storage. Grieve recommends storing lemons in water, avocados in water, berries in jars, lettuce in tea towels, herbs in jars, and potatoes with an apple in a bag. These simple tips can help keep your food fresher for longer and reduce waste.

Grieve’s mission is to show people how simple changes, over time, can have a huge impact on the environment. By reducing food waste and making small changes in our daily lives, we can all work together to save the planet.

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