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‘I Can’t Wait To Be Patient’ by Dr. Bell

Get ready for an insightful discussion with Dr. Rob Bell, Executive Coach for Athletes.

Dr. Bell brought along his books to share with the audience.

For our out-of-town viewers, it’s important to recognize that time is our most valuable resource, but often, we use it inefficiently. Dr. Bell emphasizes the significance of patience as a means of mental recovery and achieving peak performance.

While we prioritize physical recovery through aspects like sleep, nutrition, hydration, and stretching, the mental aspect is equally vital.

Dr. Bell explained why patience is the path to mental health and how it contributes to the recovery of the mind.

He also discussed the importance of rhythm over speed and why he believes that everyone is an athlete.

Join us as we explore these intriguing topics with Dr. Rob Bell during Mental Health Awareness Month. You can learn more about his work through his book “I Can’t Wait To Be Patient,” which can be purchased on Amazon!