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I’m getting older. Why am I shrinking?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Are you getting older? Well, that probably means you’re also getting shorter. It’s just the reality of being human. After age 40 most people will lose a quarter to a half an inch per decade as the aging process continues. Studies show women tend to get shorter at a faster pace than men. Here are three reasons this happens:

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Spinal compression

There’s cushioning between spinal joints. These bones are called vertebrae. The cushioning between the vertebrae are called intervertebral discs. Over time, this cushioning tends to flatten and the spine compresses.

Brittle bones

Osteoporosis, characterized as having weak, brittle bones, results in small spinal fractures. The condition also affects the intervertebral discs.

Flat feet

As a person ages there’s a good chance the arches of their feet collapse which leads to flat feet. This can take a good half-inch off height.