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InCycle offers ultimate cardio workout in Carmel

On a recent winter afternoon, this “Life. Style. Live.” co-host found out what a real cardio workout is all about. I visited InCycle Indy and promptly found myself on an indoor cycle pumping the pedals with increasing levels of resistance and speed.

This is probably a good time to point out that indoor cycling isn’t just a good workout, it is fun! Fun is what allows us to adhere to a workout regimen. When I was pedaling at InCycle, I was joined by instructor Cathy Miller and two intrepid riders named Carmen and Courtney respectively.

“Let’s get going,” Cathy said enthusiastically after she had raised to seat on my cycle to accommodate my long legs. “We’re going to start off at a leisurely pace.”

Soon, Cathy was encouraging us each to turn up the tension on our cycles and encouraging us to meet ever-faster RPMs.

Again, I will submit that the only workout that truly works, is a workout you can continue to do.

At InCycle Indy you are joined by fellow weekend warriors and the class is fun. The teacher is asking you to go faster and increase the resistance on your bike. When you are able to meet those expectations, that adds to the enjoyment!

You can give InCycle Indy a try right now. New clients can join for one month for merely $49.

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