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Indiana Farmers lead the way in sustainability with biodegradable cow pots

Farmers across the country are increasingly turning to sustainable practices to protect the environment, and Indiana farmers are at the forefront of this movement.

Allie Rieth, Agriculture Affairs Manager at the American Dairy Association of Indiana, and Regan Herr, Director of Communications at the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, joined us to discuss how farmers reduce, reuse, and recycle on farms across Indiana.

During the segment, Rieth and Herr highlighted how Indiana farmers are leading the way in sustainability. They discussed how farmers are using fewer natural resources and recycling more than ever to protect the air, water, and land for future generations.

They also demonstrated how biodegradable pots made from cow manure can be used to grow plants, reducing waste and benefiting the soil.

The segment included a hands-on demonstration of planting seeds in biodegradable pots, showcasing how farmers use innovative techniques to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

To learn more about Indiana farmers and their sustainable practices, visit the Indiana Family of Farmers website at