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Indiana native creates children’s E-Book

As parents, we’re all looking for a new tool that will get our kids excited about nature and going outside to play. With technology often at the forefront of a child’s mind, an Indianapolis native thought of exactly that for this fun online app!

Chris Young is the creator and author of “Is That A Fairy?” – a wonderfully whimsical e-book about Ben and Daisy, a young boy and his dog, and their backyard adventure searching for real life fairies! On their journey, the reader can help Ben make a safe home for his friends, uncover hidden fairies, and even change elements of the story in surprising ways.

Chris says he wants to encourage kids to put down the iPad and take nature outside with them!

When I was a little kid, unlike kids now, I was outside playing all the time, eating mud pies and stuff like that, and then my garden today inspired me, cause to me nature is very magical and flowers are magical, so I wanted to do something that would show that to children and encourage them to see the magic in nature.”

This e-book, available on iPad, incorporates interactive elements for readers of all ages, including real sounds from Chris’ own garden, which inspired this book. Nestled behind his gorgeous Laurel Canyon, California home, Chris’ garden gives Château de Versailles a run for its money! His garden boasts many certifications from prestigious organizations like the National Wildlife Federation, The Xerces Society, The Humane Society & Monarch Watch.

To learn more about “Is That A Fairy,” visit (available on Itunes under “Is That a Fairy?” for $2.29)

You can also follow Chris on social media!

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