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Indy Dog Whisperer teaches front door manners to Patty Spitler’s pup

Whoa there, doggie! Does your dog bark and race to the door whenever someone arrives? That was the case for Patty Spitler and her dog Stewie. Nathan Lowe, Indy Dog Whisperer, worked with them to teach Stewie good front door manners. Here are his tips:

1.  Avoid reacting when the doorbell rings 

  •     Don’t race your dog to the door 
  •    Move calmly and smoothly to the door 
  •     Avoid yelling/frantic behavior 

2.  Back Your Dog Off From the Door 

  •      Place your back to the door and walk firmly toward your dog 
  •      Utilize ‘knee nudges’ if dog attempts to shove past you
  •      Wait to open door until dog is back from the door and calm 

3.  “Claim” Guests 

  •      Dogs excite at the prospect of “claiming” 
  •      Take a wide stance in front of guest to “claim” 
  •      Allow dog to approach when calm