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Indy fashion design student creates wearable art using abstract materials

“Wood” you believe one of these models is wearing an oak sculpture as part of her outfit?

Monique Burts, sculptural artist and wearable art fashion designer attending Herron School of Art & Design, joined us today with a live fashion show showcasing her unique designs. Here’s more from her:

This particular collection “Indigo Equine” is a collection Inspired by Indigo Blue and the unique print of the African zebra. The fierce zebra boldly covered in black and white stripes, unparalleled in every way was my tribute to the Black woman and her strength, power, and beauty. 

Indigo blue is a powerful symbol, culturally and historically within the African American community. Often times when people think of the transatlantic slave trade they think of cotton, they may even think of sugar and rice, but rarely do people think of the blue dye of Indigo. This powerful color has also been used by elders and ancestors in the African American community as protection against evil spirits. This knowledge of protection was likely brought over from West African traditions and religious practices of generations honoring the Orishas. The strikingly bold shade of blue was even painted on the doors and shutters of homes. 

As I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, I’m continuously guided by my  ancestors. I’m never surprised to discover the materials and colors I’m drawn to are sacred and symbolic to our culture and heritage, even something that may seem as simple as animal stripes and a shade of blue. 

The music I chose to display this collection is “Good Life” by Inner City. Usually I might work with producers to create a specific mix of songs to match my work, but for this one I just wanted the song by itself. I don’t have a file for the song, I have been playing it from Apple Music and YouTube. Often times I find music that speaks to me and music that feels like it matches the color pallet for the collection I’m working on. 

For more from Monique visit, Instagram: @theemogio.