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Indy Taco Week: Shoefly Public House

Bringing back a classic, oh yeah! Today on Indy Style, we continue the “amazingness” of Indy Taco Week with Shoefly Public House and their customer favorite, Carribean Grilled Walleye Tacos with Honey Cider Slaw!

  1. Recipe 1 Name – Walleye Taco

    1. Ingredients – Walleye, Caribbean Seasoning, Oil, Tortillas, Honey Cider Slaw
    2. Cooking Instructions – Season & Sear cook fish on both sides, warm tortillas, place cooked fish on tortilla, top with slaw & garnish
  2. Recipe 2 Name – Queso Papusa’s w/ Jackfruit Barbacoa (currently a sandwich on our menu)

    1. Ingredients – Masa, rice flour, milk, cheese, butter, jackfruit barbacoa, lime crema, bbq sauce, pickled red onions
    2. Cooking Instructions – make papusa dough, flatten & cook on both sides in butter, heat up jackfruit, mound on one papusa, top with pickled onions & sauces, place other papusa on top

Holy guacamole! NUVO’s First Ever Indy Taco Week is this week and lasts through Sunday.

NUVO surveyed consumers and restaurants that participated in Indy Burger Week 2017 to see what food week we needed to have next and the conclusion was clear: Indy Taco Week was the crowd favorite. (Our apologies to the Facebook User who wanted Indy Mashed Potato Week.)

For the first-ever Indy Taco Week, more than 22 locations all around Central Indiana will offer their tastiest, most mouth-watering tacos for half-price. Scroll the taco descriptions at then plan out seven days of tasty tacos for every meal. Tac-o-bout a good deal! Indy Food Weeks support Second Helpings, a community kitchen that rescues food, feeds people in need, and supports a Culinary Job Training Program for disadvantaged adults.

To learn more,

#IndyTacoWeek hashtag




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Shoefly: Twitter; @shoeflypub – Facebook; @shoeflypublichouse – Instagram; @shoeflyindy