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INside Story: Indiana’s music scene, Part 4: the inspirations

That Hoosier sound. No matter what form it takes, it has become a staple in the world of music.

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(WISH) — Two people are using their talents to show people that on your way to that right sound, persistence and consistency might be the most important ingredients.

While one artist uses her powerful voice to lift people up, the other is using his lyrics to lift up his city for the world to see.

First, News 8 made a quick trip to Azmyth Recording studios in Indianapolis to meet with Josh Kimbowa, known in the music world as UG skywalkin.

“The UG stands for Uganda, Africa, where I’m from and then ‘Skywalkin’ is a lifestyle,” he said. “Just living above all the negativity.”

Kinmbowa prides himself on being versatile as an artist. “When you get me you’re going to get pop, you’re going to get afro (beats), you’re going get some rap songs, you’re going to get some inspiring songs,” he said. “It’s like gumbo. It’s a mix of all worlds of music.”

He’s equally proud of how that versatility helped him find a new way to keep his dream alive after trying to get his shot for years. “To me the new way of (making it as an) artist is to be entrepreneurs then artists,” he said.

“Versatile” and “adaptable” are words he would use to describe his second home after Uganda: Indiana. His songs are inspired by the city of Indianapolis.

It’s a song that put him and the city in the national spotlight called “Love in My City.”

After getting to participate in the American Song Contest, he’s hoping that momentum will carry him to greater heights.

It’s a similar mentality that gospel and R&B artist Racheal Martin-Clark has. She says she remembers being discovered while singing in church as a child but feels like her dream was taking a long time to come into fruition. She says when she felt like giving up her faith in her purpose wouldn’t let her quit. She decided to follow the motto of the gym she and her husband own, Stay Consistent Fitness.

“You can use that with any part of your life,” she said. “Stay consistent with your dreams, stay consistent with the purpose, stay consistent with what you know you’ve been gifted to do.”