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Is your plumbing ready for Thanksgiving? Here’s how you can check

The worst time to find out if you have good or bad plumbing is always the time you need it most, so don’t be that person who waits until you get a clog or worse to check into what your plumbing can withstand.

Lance Smith, owner of LD Smith Plumbing, joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share three things you may want to check before guests fill your home for the holidays and several deals he has to offer right now.

Three items to check: 

o   Garbage disposal 

o   Toilets/drains 

o   Water heater 

What are the dos and don’ts of using your garbage disposal? 

Keep fats, grease, bones and pasta away from the disposal. Only use it for soft and solid foods.

When is it time to stop using the plunger for a toilet clog and call a plumber? 

When a plunger no longer works, it’s likely there is a significant clog, and it needs to be addressed by a plumber. 

How do you check your drains for clogs? 

If the water drains slowly out of the shower or sink drain, it could be a sign of a drain problem. A clogged drain starts small and if left untreated can escalate quickly into water backing up your sink or shower or causing a gurgling noise. It’s best to treat the problem immediately. 

What are the signs your water heater may need to be repaired or replaced? 

Definitely, the first sign is if you are not getting consistent hot water. Another warning of a repair or replacement is the age of your water heater. If you have a storage water heater older than seven years old, it’s worth having a plumber check it out. To find the age of your storage water heater, there’s typically a sticker or magnet on the unit or you can use the unit serial number to search online. 

Latest deals: L.D. Smith Plumbing also has a Plumbing Protection Plan for $89. It includes annual inspection, priority emergency service and 15 percent off all plumbing repairs.

Water heater – $300 off a tankless water and $150 off a storage water heater.  

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