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It’s only natural: How to pair beer with cheese

Beer and Cheese are natural allies. Where are most people will think wine, there is actually little connection between grapes and cheese, where as there is a direct connection between grains and cheese. John Holl, editor All About Beer Magazine, gives us all a lesson in choosing the perfect cheese for your beer of choice!

How do you choose a beer for your cheese?

-Bigger Beer goes with Bigger Flavor

-Look for common characteristics

-Order is importantToday’s pairings:

A Hefeweissbier* paired with Fresh Goat Cheese

An India pale ale* (IPA) paired with English Cheddar

Bell’s Brewery Brown Ale paired with Robusto

A Tripel* Paired with Taleggio


John Holl is the editor of the magazine. He previously worked as a reporter for the New York Times, Indianapolis Star and other publications. He’s the author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook and co-author of Indiana Breweries, a guide book published in 2011 with Nate Schweber.

All About Beer Magazine was founded in 1979 and is the oldest beer publication in the United States. Published every other month, and updated daily.

Twitter: @John_Holl