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Jack’s Donuts Fans of the Week!

We are always happy to feature the smiling, donut-loving faces of our fans and this week we have quite a few!

First, Twitter user ktsurly tweeted us this photo of her girls in her pajamas, She informed us that when you live as close as she does to Jack’s Donuts, there is no need to get out of your pajamas for Jack’s Donuts before you go on your morning run. Next, @j.rupe instagrammed these photos after she missed her flight. She didn’t seem to mind too much since she was able to get fresh Jack’s Donuts. As you can see from these pics the peanut butter is obviously her favorite.  And finally, lyndon- Lyndon’s grandfather face booked this pic to us of Lyndon enjoying an applesauce donut. Lyndon told his grandfather that the reason Jack’s Donuts are so good is because of all the yumminess we put inside our donuts.

Plus, today was Dribble To Work Day, as we get pumped up about the NCAA Women’s Final Four coming to Indy!

Go to to nominate people in your community for Jack’s special delivery!