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Join the Indy Tattoo Expo: Family fun, art, and charity

Indy Tattoo Expo 2024

Chris Taylor, a well-known tattoo artist in the Indy area, started his journey at age 15, mentored by Trina Sower’s father. Now, Taylor and Sower have co-founded the Indy Tattoo Expo, turning it into a major event. “I met her dad when I was around 10, and by 15, he was teaching me how to tattoo,” Taylor said. “I’ve known Trina since childhood, and this is like my older sister.”

Sower expressed her excitement about continuing her father’s legacy. “It’s very exciting and I’m happy to still be part of the industry and help with the expo,” she said. The Expo not only showcases tattooing but also supports local charities. This year, it partnered with Sheltering Wings and Family Promise in Hendricks County.

The Indy Tattoo Expo features over 200 tattoo artists from across the country, live performances, a children’s area with bounce houses and face painting, and around 30 vendors. “It’s a good place to support local artists outside of tattooing as well,” Taylor noted.

Discussing misconceptions about tattooing, Taylor stated, “It used to be for a certain group of people, but now tattooing is widespread and for everyone. The Expo brings everybody together.”

The Expo also offers a glimpse into tattoo history. “We display old tattoo machines and patterns to show how tattooing has evolved,” Taylor said. This year’s event at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds in Danville promises to be family-friendly with food trucks and vendors.

The event runs through Father’s Day weekend, with special offers for dads. “The first 100 dads who attend with their children get $10 off and a mug,” Sower said.

The Indy Tattoo Expo is a celebration of art, community, and history, offering something for everyone.

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