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Kitchen Gadgets you HAVE to try!

Make everyday tasks in the kitchen a bit easier with products that are simple and easy to use! Gadget Gram’s David Novak shows us today’s products:Boxxle Wine Dispenser


Boxxle, a 3-liter premium wine dispenser designed to rest on a countertop, bar or table, gives wine lovers a convenient and attractive way to dispense and enjoy wine – whether boxed wine or bottled wine. Boxxle ships with three 3-liter wine preserve bags, which store up to four bottles of wine per bag. Wine lovers can use the entire bag of wine without having to tip or drag the container to the edge of the countertop. Boxxle automatically compresses the bag and keeps wine fresh up to six weeks. The variety of boxed wines on the market is impressive, and many smaller, family-owned wineries are also selling boxed versions of their premium wines including Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios and organics.

Video: Coffee


An essential for coffee-lovers, Smarter Coffee is a home brewing system that can be controlled by any Smartphone via the free app … from inside or outside the home. Personalize a brew by adjusting the strength, number of cups and choice of freshly ground or filtered coffee. An improved brewing system and one-step setup with BlinkUp ensures a rich, delicious cup of Jo every time. The Smarter app is available for iOS and Android devices. Smarter Coffee can also be connected to other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Nest and more.

Video: 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


The T-fal stainless-steel, 6-quart electric pressure cooker is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle; it’s designed so that homeowners can add their ingredients and simply press a button to create a meal. Whether you’re making a healthy meal at the end of a long day, or prepping for dinner guests, the T-fal 12-in-1 is a guaranteed time-saver and stress-reliever. Features include 1000 watts of power; 12 automatic functions; programmable timer (5 minutes to 12 hours); 24-hour delayed start; and detachable cord for safety. Accessories included: steam tray, measuring cup, spatula, trivet, tongs and recipe book.Drinkmate


Drinkmate lets you carbonate any beverage … juices, sports drinks, iced tea, beer and cocktails … in your own home. It allows you to prepare healthy alternatives to sugar-filled beverages and sodas. The simple-to-use Drinkmate features a patented Fizz Infuser and built-in CO2 cylinder, allowing for controlled carbonation with just the press of a button. It has a small footprint, so it won’t clutter up countertops. No electricity or batteries are needed. Available in three contemporary colors: metallic red, swan white and matte black.

Video: Midea TasteMaker Multi-Cooker


The Midea Multi-Cooker is the result of years of refining Asian design and incorporates an all-in-one pre-programmed menu for easy cooking with high-quality results. The removable, super thick hemisphere bowl with its honeycomb-inspired surface ensures uniform heating to preserve nutrients. The defrost function makes it safe to thaw and cook frozen foods. It’s also great for browning and sautéing. Smart Temp Sensor automatically adjusts to the optimal cooking temperature.


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