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Kitchen Refresh: Remodel your kitchen in 1-5 days

Kitchen Refresh: Remodel your kitchen in 1-5 days

Michael Enlow has spent years in the construction and kitchen remodeling field, experiencing firsthand the shortcomings of various companies.

Dissatisfied with inferior methods and persistent issues, he sought out a better alternative.

That’s when Kitchen Refresh was born.

Michael Enlow, Owner of Kitchen Refresh, and Emily Marion, the Designer at Kitchen Refresh, joined us Tuesday morning to talk about what makes this company stand out amongst others.

What makes Kitchen Refresh so convenient is the time it takes to complete a project.

When you book Kitchen Refresh for a remodel, your kitchen is typically finished in 1-5 business days.

They also offer a free estimator, saving up to 75% versus typical custom remodeling which makes this more affordable for customers.

Intrigued by their innovative approach, particularly their use of all-new cabinet doors, Enlow discovered that Kitchen Refresh offered superior results compared to traditional cabinet refacing, all without the hefty price tag of a custom remodel.

Upon encountering Kitchen Refresh’s method, he recognized its potential to revolutionize the Indianapolis market.

Enlow was impressed not only by its affordability but also by its overall superior quality.

Determined to introduce this exceptional product to Indianapolis residents, he went on a mission to make Kitchen Refresh the go-to choice for kitchen renovations in the area.

But wait…there’s more! Enlow and Marion brought sample doors, hardware options, and color sheet samples to our studio for guests to see a closer look at what tools they use to transform kitchens nationwide.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the full interview above to gain more insight about Kitchen Refresh, and of course, don’t forget to visit the Kitchen Refresh website to transform your kitchen today!