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Last minute tech gifts for the holidays

Last minute tech gifts for the holidays G GUY


1. DIMO AutoPi – Vehicle Smart Hub, Activity Tracker & Digital Companion 

For those who spent a lot of time driving, there’s the DIMO AutoPi, the most powerful way to make your vehicle smarter. This vehicle smart hub device plugs into your car like a typical OBD2 scanner, but it does so much more than that. With AutoPi, you can access real-time vehicle performance and health data, perform error scanning and diagnostics, and also easily connect to integrations and services that make car ownership easier. The device features a 1.5GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, a high-endurance 32GB memory for data storage, and both Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz) for sending data to the DIMO Mobile App, which helps to simplify your vehicle diagnosis process. Via the App, you can get alerts on your car’s tire pressure, fuel, oil levels, and its battery health, lock and unlock your car and open its trunk remotely, set GPS-protected privacy zones around locations like your home and workplace, and ultimately connect and stream vehicle diagnostics data from all your family’s vehicles. Best of all, by connecting and using the DIMO Mobile App, users can also earn $DIMO tokens, which can be redeemed for rewards for extra car savings and services — kind of like points on a credit card. 


2. Andover Audio SpinDuo Record Player System (SpinDeck2 Semi-Automatic Turntable & SpinBase Amplified Speaker System) 


The Andover Audio SpinDuo Record Player System is everything you need for vinyl record playback. With it, you can get spinning vinyl records quickly and enjoy all of your vinyl music in no time. This system combines the SpinDeck2 Semi-Automatic turntable and the SpinBase amplified speaker system together, designed for use directly under the turntable, offering you a simple set up, an elegant style, and most importantly, a high-performance music playback system in a small footprint. The system’s SpinDeck2 turntable features a tonearm that automatically lifts and returns to its rest at the end of the record thanks to its Auto-Off function, a pre-installed Light-tracking AT3600 magnetic cartridge utilizes ISOGroove anti-vibration feedback technology, which provides a clear and loud playback of vinyl records with bass and no acoustic feedback whatsoever. It also supports to 2 Nominal Speeds, 45 or 33 RPM. The system’s SpinBase speaker is powered by a 270° loudspeaker array composed of four speaker drivers, featuring 18 Watts RMS of Class D onboard power per channel for a combined total of 36 Watts of Class D Amplification Sound Output. It also utilizes Andover’s patented IsoGroove anti-vibration feedback technology, making it capable of delivering a soul-satisfying and room-filling sound with amazing audio quality to ensure high-performance playback at all times. The SpinBase also integrates Bass + Treble EQ controls, a Phono Input, a Line (Aux) Input, and also a built-in Bluetooth receiver. The SpinDuo system can playback everything from Vinyl to digital music from your smartphone! It’s also worth noting that both the Andover SpinDeck2 Turnable and the Andover SpinBase Speaker System can also be you used with audio devices from other brands. video: 

3. PUTTR – Portable AI-Powered Smart Putting Green Mat 


For golf lovers, there’s no cooler Christmas gift than the PUTTR. This portable AI-powered smart putting green mat can transform your golf game with a touch of style and an abundance of fun. The whole mat is made from the highest quality and ultra-durable materials. Stunningly designed with performance and aesthetics in mind, the PUTTR seamlessly merges technology, entertainment, and style like no other putting tool on the market, allowing you to practice your putting skills with an intelligent AI-powered method. The PUTTR utilizes computer vision to track the line and speed of the ball, providing feedback on every putt. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for pairing it with the PuttrCo App, through which you can get valuable feedback on all your putts, makes, misses, how your performance compares to the pros, achievements, and challenges.  Via the App, users can also make practice fun with single and multiplayer games both at home and online, where they can improve their putting skills by competing in Arcade-style games and against friends in online tournaments. Best of all, it can be conveniently packed into a stylish and travel-ready box, meaning you can take it with you pretty much anywhere. 


4.  Mr. Christmas 7.5′ Alexa-Compatible Christmas Tree w/ 40 LED functions
$599.99 $249.99 (SALE)   

-Spruce up your holiday décor with the Mr. Christmas 7.5′ Alexa compatible Tree, the perfect multi-functional Christmas tree that will be the centerpiece of your home holiday décor for years to come. This pre-lit artificial Mountain Fir Christmas measures 7.5 ft. tall and 52 inches in diameter, making its size comparable to any real Christmas tree but without the hassle of transporting and watering to worry about. This Christmas Tree may be artificial, but it looks realistic with 2461 flame retardant branch tips, which can be easily arranged to create a very natural appearance. It also features 500 RGB LED light bulbs and 40 lighting functions, so you can be sure it will make every Christmas a lot brighter. You can customize its lighting settings by choosing between an array of colors to match your holiday décor and create a unique lighting effect. No extra plugs are necessary, as its center power pole makes its setup a breeze. Simply slide the tree sections together and plug it to power. It features a pre-wired pole-to-pole connection and a low voltage UL listed adapter which allow for automatic lighting, eliminating messy cords. After plugging it in, you can easily connect to Alexa by using your voice and saying, “Alexa, turn my Christmas tree On”.