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Life hacks with a tech expert

Whether you’re saving for your next vacation or buying a new car, there are many ways to help you save. The secret is taking shortcuts to find the right solution and using the latest technology to simplify your life. Tech Expert Katie Linendoll explains how small changes can make a big difference!SOME OF KATIE’S TOP TECH FINANCIAL LIFE HACKS, INCLUDE:

• FINANCIAL FREEDOM-Set up saving autodrafts

• EDUCATIONAL GOALS-Have your Grandparents set up a 529 savings account for college or set up your own Roth IRA to save for college

• DEBT RELIEF-How strategic use of technology can save us from ourselves

• SMART REWARDS-Choosing a credit card that will pay you back with big rewards

Linendoll is best known as a regular contributor on the TODAY Show, but she also has made numerous appearances for CNN, ESPN and CBS. Katie won an Emmy while working for ESPN Sports Center, and was nominate for another Emmy as the co-host of A&E’s We Mean Business. She also hosted a pop gaming show for Spke TV and regular writes tech articles for media like Shape Magazine, and E! She recently launched one of the top tech podcasts, Katie <dot> Show, where every week she shares first looks in technology and science and interview the most notable