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Lifestyle expert shares favorite fall products

Well, this summer flew by just like it always does. With kids back to school and the weather cooling down soon, it’s great to have the right gear both for fall adventures and for cozy time at home. 

Emily Richett, lifestyle expert, joined us today with some of her favorite products to take you and your family right into fall and beyond.

Dooeys: Sleek, Sustainable Slipshoes

As the weather cools down, we look for ways to stay cozy yet stylish indoors, and the Dooeys slipshoe is the answer. It’s a cross between a slipper and a shoe for everything you do at home.

Dooeys are not only sleek, but they’re sustainable too, made from materials like apple leather, sugarcane, and recycle plastic. They’re ethically produced in Portugal and have a zero carbon footprint on every order.

Fun fact: Dooeys originates from the word “doei” which is Dutch for goodbye. It’s always spoken in a chipper, happy way!

With the coziness of a slipper and the comfort of a sneaker, you can rock your Zoom calls or play with the kids and cook in the kitchen, all with effortless style. So you can say “doei!” to uncomfortable, unsupportive slippers and hello to sleek, stylish support all around the house.

Kibou: Intentionally Minimalist Diaper Bag

The fanny pack is back and I am so here for it! 

Kibou takes the fanny to a whole new level. It was created by two moms as an intentionally minimal diaper bag — I know what you’re thinking– how is this a diaper bag?! But it really fits all my essentials. 

Inside, you can fit some diapers, a back up onesie, your chapstick, some diaper balm, your keys, and more. In the front there is a spot for credit cards, money, etc. 

At the top, you have a waterproof compartment to hold your wipes or any messy clothes, and then what’s really cool is the fold out changing pad. You just roll it out to change your baby’s diaper, and baby’s head can rest on the fanny pack for support. 

As baby gets older and doesn’t need the changing pad, this can be swapped out for a first-aid kit. 

There are a bunch of different colors and materials to choose from too!

Veer: All-Terrain Cruiser

Whether you’re planning a fall trip to the apple orchard or the hiking trails, the Veer cruiser will get you and your family out in nature for all your seasonal adventures.

It’s like a premium double stroller, but rolled into the functionality and fun of a wagon. It can easily glide through sand and snow, over hills and rocky terrain; basically anywhere you want to explore, the cruiser can help you and your little ones get there. 

There are a bunch of add-ons for every stage: a car seat attachment or a full bassinet for infants, a toddler kit that adds comfy seats and a sunshade, and winter and rain gear. It even has cupholders! 

It all folds down nice and flat so you can transport it easily wherever you go. Plus, it comes in a fun combo of colors and prints.

The Ally Co: Lockable, Food-safe Storage

Next up – this lockable storage container is perfect for travel or safe storage at home. It helps to keep all your goods away from those wandering little hands.

Created by two moms who wanted a safe spot to lock away products from their children and pets, Ally is the first lockable storage box that is food-safe, multi-purpose, and stylish.

It uses a three-digit customizable lock. The interior has a removable, stackable compartment that is perfect for stowing away medicine, vitamins, cannabis, jewelry, cash, or other valuables. You can even store it in your fridge or the freezer; it’s totally food safe and comes in three different colors: navy, berry, and white. 

Sweat & Milk: 3-in-one Sports Bra

For the mom who does it all, Sweat & Milk has the gear to support you throughout all the phases of daily life. So no more sacrificing style for function, or function for style. The mom-invented brand has a whole line of activewear clothing for pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. 

Sweat & Milk’s popular (and award-winning!) 3-in-1 sports bras can take you from working out to pumping or nursing all in one fashionable and comfortable sports bra, eliminating the need for multiple changes throughout the day. All of their products are crafted for movement and comfort for a mom’s active lifestyle. 

Thanks for checking out my fall gear guide! If you try (or already own) any of these products, let me know what you think over on Instagram – @emilyrichett!

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