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Locals Only: The Important Role of being a Foster Parent

He’s fostered more than 100 children over 16 years.

On today’s Indy Style, we hear from Tom Gaunt, Adult and Child Health Board of Directors Chairman, as he chats about the important role of being a foster parent and what potential parents should ask themselves before considering the role.

a. Over 400,000 children in foster care nationally – over 9000 in Indiana
b. Creates an ongoing need for foster parents
c. On average government assistance covers on 50% of the cost of raising a foster child – foster parents make up the rest
d. Foster parents are unsung heroes – “our society is no better than the children we raise into it”
Main Point: The value of our foster care agency to our foster parents
e. Community – meeting with other foster parents that understand and emphasize “it takes one to know one”
f. Coordinated care and supports “one-stop services”
i. Ongoing trainings and seminars
ii. 24/7 Access to emergency behavioral health services
iii. Optional physical health services
iv. Respite
v. On-going licensure and clinical supports
vi. Holiday & summer activities

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