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Meet this year’s Indy 500 milk presenters

Meet this year’s Indy 500 milk presenters

Meet Alex, a dedicated fourth-generation dairy farmer and farm manager at Neu-Hope Dairy in Bluffton.

He’s all about making sure their cows are top-notch, constantly improving their genetics to meet what people want.

Alex lives nearby with his wife, Shauna, and their three sons. When he’s not busy with the farm, you’ll find him cheering on his favorite team, the IU Hoosiers.

Now, let’s talk about Abbie.

She grew up on a small dairy farm in South Whitley, Indiana, and now she works alongside her husband, Steve, at Herr Dairy near Kendallville.

Abbie loves their cows and loves sharing what farm life is like through social media and tours, both virtual and in person. She’s proud to represent female dairy farmers, along with their two daughters.

Now, onto a famous tradition: the Indy 500 Bottle of Milk! This tradition started back in 1936 when Louis Meyer, the first three-time winner of the Indy 500, asked for a glass of buttermilk to celebrate his victory.

Since then, it’s become a big deal.

Every year, two dairy farmers, one experienced and one new to the tradition, present milk to the winners.

The drivers get to choose between fat-free, two percent, or whole milk, with whole milk being the favorite. It’s a special moment that honors both the dairy industry and the race winners.

But that’s not all the dairy industry does for the Indy 500. They also sponsor the Fastest Rookie of the Year Award.

This award recognizes the rookie driver with the fastest qualifying speed. It’s been going strong for 50 years, making it one of the longest-running programs associated with the race.

It’s a great way to celebrate the newcomers to the race and their impressive skills on the track.