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Monday Mailbag: Products designed with YOU in mind!

Monday Mailbag: Products designed with YOU in mind!

Monday Mailbag: Products designed with YOU in mind!

A mobile changing station for parents, a rolling bag to hold your carry-on clutter, PROVEN skincare that tailored to YOU and lip balm that hydrates and nourishes!

Check out today’s “Monday Mailbag” products that you and people everywhere are sure to love!

  1. Game changer for parents everywhere! Beanko is a mobile changing station for parents on-the-go so they don’t have to search for a clean place to change baby. With Beanko, simply change, stow and go! The Beanko features a foldable wedge design which maximizes space in car bucket seats to keep baby on a flat surface, making it easy to change diapers and clothing. It also has a pocket for a tablet or phone andattachment for toys. The detachable changing pad also doubles as a tummy-time mat for indoor or outdoor use with a built-in diaper and baby wipe holder. $99 at

             2. Arrive healthy when you fly by using SeatSitters.  This awesome kit comes with  reusable seat covers, face mask, wipes and a tray table cover for only $14.99.

Reusable Seat Covers • Perfect for Cold, Flu and Allergy Season

Seat Sitters are the ideal travel companion for airplanes and movie theatres. Lightweight fabric is soft and 100% recyclable and reusable – with a generous fit for versatility and comfort. Stay healthy and enjoy your seat!

3. Even though you can never depend on your travel plans entirely, you should at least be able to depend on your luggage system. These backpacks from Solo New York are not only equipped to hold all of your

carry-on clutter but also include a padded back panel that slides over rolling luggage handles, for an easy dash to the gate. No more awkward luggage balancing acts.

Your Rolling Bag’s New Best Friend             4. PRODUCTS TAILOR MADE FOR YOU

Everything you need and nothing you don’t

                 PROVEN is a new skincare startup that uses AI and machine learning to create customized products for consumers.

                 PROVEN is going to be featured in the 2018 Oscar Nominee Gift Bag. They’re customizing toner, day serum, night serum, and moisturizer for each Best Actress, Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor and best director

nominee based on their age, geographic location, skin type, etc.                Toner

Begin your personalized regimen with a soothing toner. Contains a blend of Proven Ingredients™to brighten skin and calm irritation.

                Day serum: Use our tailor-made serum everyday for glowing skin. Apply after toning.

                Night serum: Our serum revitalizes your complexion overnight.

               Night cream:  Pair our night cream and serum to wake looking well-rested.

               Skin report: Also receive your personalized, detailed skin report with your purchase.


Conditioning Lip Balms

A rich, melting balm incorporating pure mineral pigments with a decadent blend of Shea Butter, and Coconut, Kalahari Melon, and Meadowfoam Oils for a soft, dewy look that is never sticky.

This 4-in-1 lip treatment nourishes, soothes, deeply hydrates, and primes lips to maximize the wear time of your lip color, or wear alone for a sheer-gloss finish.


In formulating our Lip Hints™ Conditioning Lip Balm, we traded the synthetic waxes, artificial colors, fake flavors, and petroleum-based ingredients of traditional lip products for pure plant oils and waxes, essential

oils, natural extracts, and mineral-based colors. Just like in our skin care products, we’ve carefully chosen the safest and cleanest ingredients, ensuring that only the very best touches your lips.                Where to Buy:

Sheer: – and nationally at your local independent natural retailer.

Nude, Berry, and Plum

– Available Exclusively on