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Mothers Day gadget gift ideas

You can go beyond the typical flowers and a card this Mother’s Day, and get your mom a fun gadget! How about a skateboard or something to diversify her beverage experience? David Novak, the Gadget Guy, has more ideas below!

1. Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard


Mom’s not too young to pick up skating. The Lander 27″ Complete Skateboard is a lightweight, ultra-durable and Eco-Friendly skateboard made of a special blend of fiber-reinforced Nylon and different recycled materials that make it a really solid skateboard that’s built for smooth rides with high level performance capabilities. The skate also features a beautiful design that has a very unique look to it. It’s also stable and maneuverable enough for skate learning, and it makes a great cardio workout that can also improve coordination. 

2. Spleash Leash


The Spleash Leash is a versatile multi-purpose dog leash handle that can make mom’s dog walks with Fido much cooler. It comes equipped with a water compartment that you can use to quench Fido’s thirst as well as to keep off-leash dogs away with a simple and safe water spray. To quench Fido’s thirst and keep your pup hydrated during a walk, you simply spray some water into the leash’s built-in flip-open water dish, which can be easily flipped open from its handle. Additionally, the Spleash Leash’s built-in water-spray nozzle also allows owners to use its water-spray function up to a 14-foot range to keep any other overly curious and potentially dangerous off-leash dogs away from their four-legged friends.

3. KidsConnect KC2 Phone 


With the KidsConnect KC2 Phone, any concerned mother can easily keep tabs on her kids. This simple and minimalist phone features GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi connectivity, thus working as an all-in-one 4G GPS Tracker Security Solution for real time tracking. While its simple 3 Speed Dial Buttons can have 3 different cell phone numbers pre-configured via the phone’s dedicated SECURE TRACKER GPS App (done via Parental Mode), this 4G GPS Tracker Phone can also offer any concerned mother great peace of mind thanks to its Real-Time GPS Tracking, Geo-Fencing, Voice Monitoring, and Location History functionalities. The phone can also be used to call or send messages to a maximum of 15 cell numbers that are saved in the phone’s internal phone book.

4. Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber 


Moms are great at taking care of the family and keeping everyone safe. With the Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber, you can sanitize any small items, such as Smartphones, keys, baby items, and more. To use it, simply lay your items on its transparent shelf and let its UV-C bacteria-blasting light do the work. The unit’s UV-C light is emitted from all directions, killing up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses at the molecular level, all in under 60 seconds. This powerful UV-C Disinfecting unit also runs its patented dosimeter technology (which makes it FDA-cleared as a UV-C medical device) to measure its UV-C level in order to ensure the delivery of the precise amount of UV-C light required to destroy infectious agents.

5. Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker 


The Elevated Craft 750ml Cocktail Shaker is designed to make the perfect craft cocktails at home. The new Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker leaves no sticky hands, no frozen fingers, and no stuck lids. This is the last shaker you will ever buy and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s constructed of pro-grade brushed 18/8 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The shaker is individually boxed in high-quality giftable packaging and each shaker includes a 50-page cocktail journal. Vacuum insulated design guards against diluting heat transfer to make super chilled drinks while protecting your hands from frostbite. It also means no more condensation puddles on your counter. This patent pending measuring system allows you to dial in your mix from micro ¼ and ½ oz dashes all the way up to a full 6-ounce concoction. Time to recycle your dainty 1.5-ounce jigger and start making real drinks. The innovative Twist Lock system means no more sticky leaks or frozen stuck frustrations.

6. Drinkmate Sparkling Beverage Maker 


Perfect for the mom that loves freshly made carbonated beverages, the Drinkmate Sparkling Beverage Maker can carbonate just about any drink you desire. This compact at-home beverage carbonator is easy to operate as well as easy to clean, and no electricity or batteries are required to make it work. This beverage carbonator works based on its patented and detachable Fizz infuser and dual-stage valve system, which ultimately offer you a better control on release of CO2. The Drinkmate comes together with 3 oz starter CO2 starter CO2 carbonators, so you can start carbonating right away, but it also works with the most common brands of 14.5 oz (60 L) CO2 carbonators on the market. Additionally, you also get a BPA-Free Quick-Connect Bottle with a volume mark line, which you can use to prepare your carbonated drinks.

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