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Motivation Monday: 50 adventures at 50

Ever felt like life was passing you by? Many of us feel bored, unhappy,or frustrated with the same old routine. That was life for Karen Hale Yott, once upon a time ago! Karen is a local Hoosier who decided to try 50 new things when she turned 50 last year. Karen stopped telling herself she didn’t have time, didn’t feel like it, or that it would somehow take away from her family. Instead, she told herself a new story that this would be good for everyone if she had a little more adventure.

So last year, Karen took a trip to New Orleans, did a Swamp Cruise, went on many hikes, and cooked herself a filet, which she had never done. Looking back, she said the experience made her happier, more relaxed, and she lost 20 lbs as well. Karen also decided to eliminate 2015 items in 2015 to get rid of clutter. Karen said, “My son is in 6th grade. He didn’t need 10 boxes of crayons so I donated them.”

Ask yourself, what goals can you set for YOU this year? Karen’s goal is to try 51 new things in 2016. Perhaps you can join her!

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