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November is adopt a senior dog month!

Adopt a senior pet

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Most shelters report that senior pets only have about a 25% adoption rate compared to the 60% of younger dogs, puppies, and kittens that get adopted each year.

Senior dogs often get overlooked because many fear that they are set in their ways or their too old to get trained. That is not always the case, senior pets have a variety of reasons that make them suitable for a new home and family.

Those adopting a senior pet don’t have to worry about the size of their new furry friend. Typically when adopting a puppy one doesn’t know how big they’ll actually get. By adopting a senior dog you save yourself a huge suprise!

Training a puppy to use the bathroom and not chew things up around the house can be difficult. Senior dogs have already been house trained so it would save one a lot of time, shoes, and cleaning up.

Senior dogs also do not require a lot of exercise, for busy or older pet owners who cant get out as much this would benefit them.

There are multiple reasons to adopt a senior pet. Age is just a number in a pet. Smaller dogs and cats can even live up until their late teens and twenties, so one has a lot of time to enjoy them!

When looking to adopt a new pet consider the benefits of adopting a senior one. Learn ,

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