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P.E. program teaches kids how to juggle!

Welcome to Juggling Masters! In this segment, we are joined by Zach Kelley, an elementary PE teacher and the instructor behind the amazing Juggling Masters program. Alongside him are two talented Juggling Masters students, Alyssa Beasley and Grayson Gee. This extra-curricular program has been a highlight during the winter months at White Lick Elementary, now Crossroads Elementary in Brownsburg Community School Corporation. Understanding the goal of the program will shed light on the invaluable skills and experiences it imparts to its young participants. As we explore the success and popularity of Juggling Masters, the hosts will also inquire about the program’s future plans and what exciting opportunities lie ahead for the next generation of Juggling Masters.

The Juggling Masters program has been open for 22 years and continues to thrive under the expert guidance of Zach Kelley and Dave Marty. Rooted in Crossroads Elementary, formerly White Lick Elementary, in Brownsburg Community School Corporation, Juggling Masters offers a unique and enjoyable alternative to traditional exercise. Fostering motivation, challenge, and character development, this program empowers students to discover the joy and endless possibilities of juggling. From individual routines to partner and large group performances, Juggling Masters boasts a rich history of success, with over 3,440 students having participated in its exciting journey. The dedication and support of parents, school administrators, BCSC staff, and volunteers have been instrumental in making this program a resounding success.