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Patty’s Picks: Is ‘Fast X’ worth the watch?

Buckle up, because Patty has strong opinions on the tenth installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

“Fast X” follows Vin Diesel’s street racer Dom and crew as they confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced. Jason Momoa plays the film’s antagonist Dante. He’s the son of a deceased drug lord who is seeking revenge. The movie is packed full of action and laughs but has been met with mixed reviews from audiences and critics.

Running for a total of 2 hours and 21 minutes, “Fast X” isn’t earning a perfect score from Patty. There was a lot of buzz surrounding the film and the feud that occurred between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the franchise’s Vin Diesel. Since the movie’s announcement, many fans have been waiting for the Rock’s appearance in the franchise. Patty revealed that his cameo is only in an end credit scene.

Many, Patty included, feel that this film will be a hit with fans of the “Fast and Furious,” but others should probably just sit this one out. However, some fans of the films have already spoken up, stating that “Fast X” is one of the weaker films in the franchise.

Despite mixed reviews, “Fast X” is expected to gross nearly $60 million at the box office this weekend. The franchise as a whole is now worth over $6 billion.

Patty wasn’t a fan, earning the 10th installment a 3/5-star rating. Would Patty encourage you to race to theatres and catch this movie? Probably not.