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Patty’s Picks: ‘Nope,’ ‘Alone Together’

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe in Love? Entertainment Expert Patty Spitler is back with two of her picks that deal with these two phenomena today in two very different films. Here’s more from her:

Filmmaker Jordan Peele offers up a uniquely scary yet thoughtful movie about what’s out there, or rather, what’s up there. In “Nope,” objects keep falling from the sky. 


At the family horse ranch, two siblings want to find out what hit their father on the head and killed him. Can they capture these falling alien objects and their owners, on camera? And what drives their ambition is not necessarily to avenge their family or to save humankind but maybe to sell the video and make a fortune? 

There’s some horror and some humor in “Nope.” It opens today, and the moral of the story is “Don’t look up!” Nope!

Rating: R for some violence and bloody images

Runtime: 2 hrs and 10 minutes

“Alone Together

“Alone Together” is written, directed and starring Katie Holmes in this romance drama using Covid as the culprit and main character. Set initially in New York City, a young woman plans to meet her longtime boyfriend in a countryside house to escape the pressures and panic of Covid. She arrives at the house first, only to find the dwelling is occupied by someone else, played by Jim Sturgess, a man who claims he rented the place first. Being a gentleman, he lets her come in and spend the night…well, the night turns into a meeting of minds and sharing of spirit and the two become smitten and fall in love. But what about the life they left behind? And what about her former boyfriend? “Alone Together” is in theaters today.  

The biggest plus for this movie is the chemistry between the two leads, Jim Sturgess and Katie Holmes. It’s not flashy or frenetic. It has a solid script and mediocre pace with thoughtful, heartfelt situations.

Rating: R

Runtime: 1.5 hrs

I give it 3 out of 5 hearts. 

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