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Patty’s Picks: ‘Strays’ – A doggone hilarious comedy and ‘The Nun II’

(WISH Photo)

Summer sizzle got you seeking some cinematic relief? Look no further, as Patty Spitler, your trusty movie critic, is back with another paw-sitively entertaining recommendation. If you’re in the mood for a canine caper that’s as crass as it is comical, ‘Strays’ might just be the movie to fetch your attention.

Patty’s Picks presents ‘Strays,’ a raucous romp through the world of talking dogs that’s sure to tickle your funny bone – if you’re ready to embrace the R-rated humor, that is. In this live-action comedy, our four-legged protagonists, Reggie and Bug, are brought to life with the unmistakable voices of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. Reggie, an adorable Border Terrier with an owner who just doesn’t seem to appreciate him, embarks on a wild adventure after being repeatedly abandoned. His journey leads him to the streets, where he befriends the street-smart Bug and other colorful canine characters. The plot takes a mischievous twist when Reggie and his newfound friends hatch a plan to seek revenge on his less-than-loving owner. Brace yourselves for a dose of uproarious humor, witty banter, and a fair share of canine chaos.

With a runtime of 93 minutes, ‘Strays’ is a compact comedy that packs a punch, albeit with a mature audience in mind due to its R-rating. Language, sexual content, and drug use add a grown-up edge to this tail-wagging tale. Patty Spitler takes the leash on this one and awards ‘Strays’ a playful 2 bones – er, stars – out of 5. So, if you’re ready for a barking good time and a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, buckle up for the wild ride that ‘Strays’ promises to be.