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Pavel’s World: Creating music with Leah Crane

On today’s episode of “Pavel’s World” with Leah Crane, Pavel Polanco-Safadit, an international Latin jazz pianist, and Leah Crane, a vocalist brought all the talent into our studio! They discussed their song selection, which includes snippets from “Smooth” by Santana, “Pa’Lante” by Pavel (an original composition), and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

The conversation revolves around three key talking points. First, they explored how they initially met, delving into the story behind their musical collaboration. Second, they discussed how Leah has evolved musically and culturally through her work with Pavel. Lastly, they mentioned their upcoming shows, specifically highlighting the Jazz Kitchen on Saturday, July 15., where they will be performing two shows at 7 p.m. and 9:30 pm.

Pavel’s World with Leah Crane offers viewers an opportunity to delve into the musical journey and creative partnership between Pavel Polanco-Safadit and Leah Crane. Through their discussions on meeting each other, musical and cultural growth, and upcoming shows, they provide insights into their collaboration and share their passion for music. The show serves as a platform for music enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of their dynamic and witness the magic they create together on stage.