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Paws & Think: Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

Today marks Dog Therapy Appreciation Day, a time to express gratitude for the trained dogs who offer comfort and companionship to those in need.

At Paws & Think, approximately 165 therapy dog teams are celebrated for their efforts in Central Indiana, spreading joy throughout the community.

Ashleigh Coster, Executive Director of Paws & Think, along with guest Sid Zachary, a volunteer and therapy dog handler with Cooper, joined us to share more!

Paws & Think operates two main programs.

Firstly, they register and deploy therapy teams, comprising a handler and their certified therapy dog, to engage in Animal-Assisted Interventions, also known as Pet Therapy, benefiting individuals of all ages and abilities.

Secondly, their youth canine programs pair underserved youth with shelter dogs, teaching them valuable training skills to enhance the dogs’ adaptability.

Through these initiatives, Paws & Think demonstrates a commitment to fostering human-animal bonds and making a positive impact in the community.