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Pet Partners: Meet Hooey The Hoosier Doodle

Meet Hooey The Hoosier Doodle

Pet Partners operates with a clear mission: to enhance human health and well-being by nurturing the human-animal bond.

This symbiotic relationship brings about improvements in physical, social, and emotional aspects of the lives it touches, emphasizing benefits for both humans and animals.

Through the dedicated efforts of volunteer therapy animal teams, comprising one human handler and one animal, Pet Partners facilitates countless visits annually within communities, amplifying their mission’s impact. An integral part of their fundraising initiatives is the Pet of the Year competition, spanning from February 5 to March 18.

Now in its third year, this event aims to raise vital funds for the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.

Each participating pet endeavors to secure donations, with Hooey setting a target of $20,000, contributing to Pet Partners’ overarching goal of $92,000 to sustain their therapy animal program.

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