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Plant care tips from a plant shop owner

Plant care tips from flower shop owner

Growing plants may not come naturally to everyone, and that’s okay. That’s what people like Leah Flanagan, owner, The Forest Flower are for, to help you learn their ways of having a “green thumb.” Today on Indy Style Flanagan shared some of her tips.

The Forest Flower offers a variety of workshops for both indoor and outdoor gardening including:

Houseplant 101

Propagation 101

Seed Starting  (they have a history of seeds through Bash Seed Store)

Staghorn mounting

Macrame 101

They also do private workshops both on and off sight.

The Forest Flower carries a wide selection of houseplants, both small and large that can meet whatever plant requirements you might have such as low light, high light, easy care, pet friendly, etc.

They offer a monthly plant subscription. Choose from easy care or succulent – 3, 6 or 12 month plans, pick up in store

They also have two miniature donkeys, named Burrito and Little Red,  a shopcat named smokey and they are getting chickens this spring.

They offer a curated selection of planters and tools, both for indoor and outdoor use as well as French Jewelry,  Artisanal Perfume and brooms and fair trade baskets.

Learn more about the shop and its class schedule at or on their social media.

Facebook and Instagram: @forestflowerindy