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Rare Doll Collection Being Displayed and Auctioned in Carmel

Mi’Chelle Bettner, Project Manager at Mi’Chelle Z. Bettner LLC and Jennifer McAlpin, Relationship Manager at Everything But the House, have stopped by to give us a look at some fascinating porcelain dolls that will be displayed and auctioned on “Everything But The House” 50 plus dolls are being displayed and all proceeds go to Museum of Miniature Houses. Elizabeth Kraft Taylor and Stephen Taylor, Indy Philanthropists, are donating this amazing collection of 50 Gene Marshall Dolls that feature designer dresses and celebrities collect i.e. Demi Moore.

Be sure to check out the Children’s Tea Party, October 2, at  Ritz Charles, from 1-3 p.m. Afterwards there will be the Adult’s Tea Party from 5-7p.m.

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