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Red Gold Tip: Get to know your salad greens

Linda Wallace from Red Gold introduces us to some of the most common types of lettuces and how to use them.


Get to Know Your Salad Greens

1. Iceberg Lettuce – Most common type of lettuce for salad

a. The round head has tightly packed leaves

b. This is the mildest of all the lettuces

2. Butterhead or Butter Lettuce (Boston)

a. A type of head lettuce with leaves that are soft and smooth like lettuce

b. This type of lettuce is sweet and succulent and great in combine with other salad greens

3. Romaine – Large leafy lettuce with a thick center rib to give real crunch’

a. Remove dark outside leaves and use lighter inside leaves – Hearts of Romaine

b. Most often used in Caesar Salad

4. Loose Leaf Lettuce

a. Leaves are loose and you have no compact head like iceberg

b. Mild in flavor

c. Used in combination with other salad greens for added flavor and texture

5. Arugula – Originated from the Mediterranean

a. This green tastes more peppery and is often used in Italian dishes

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