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Red Gold Tip: Using Canned Tomatoes Like Fresh Tomatoes

Linda Wallace from Red Gold shows us how easy it is to use canned tomatoes as if they were fresh.

Red Gold Brand tomatoes are the ideal ingredient for creating a quick, light and healthy salad. Red Gold tomatoes are always tastier then product (fresh) tomatoes.

1. Replace fresh tomatoes with canned tomatoes in a recipe that calls for fresh tomatoes.

a. Drain and rinse the Red Gold Petite Diced or Regular Diced Tomatoes, be

sure to save the juice from the tomatoes for your next soup or casserole dish.

b. They are ready to use on salad, pizza and even sandwiches. Red Gold did all the work by peeling and dicing the tomatoes for you.

c. Great for salads especially during the months when the produce tomatoes have no color or flavor. Red Gold Tomatoes were picked at the peak of ripeness for the best color, flavor and texture.

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