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Remembering Lil BUB celebration

Remembering Lil Bub celebration

The memorial event for Lil BUB, the famous internet cat sensation from Bloomington, Indiana, is set to take place at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater on February 3 and 4.

Lil BUB, known for her unique appearance and overcoming physical challenges, captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

The celebration will include guest speakers, video presentations, musical performances, and an exhibition showcasing Lil BUB’s memorable moments.

The event aims to honor Lil BUB’s impact, raise awareness for special needs animals, and support organizations aiding them.

Born on June 21, 2011, with genetic anomalies and dwarfism, Lil BUB became a symbol of love, acceptance, and resilience before passing away on December 1, 2019.

Due to COVID-related delays, the memorial event will serve as the primary fundraising occasion for Lil BUB’s Big FUND for Special Needs Pets in 2024.

Activities will include revisiting BUB’s life, screenings of her achievements, and a day of celebration with live music.

The family-friendly event is open to the public, encouraging fans and supporters worldwide to join in commemorating Lil BUB’s legacy. Tickets can be purchased online.