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Silly Safari celebrates Ground Hog Day

To celebrate Groundhog’s Day, Amazon John from Silly Safaris shares the origins of the holiday and some fun facts about the animal.

Sadie the Ground Hog lives at Silly Safari and is less than a year old.  Technically a rodent, she does a lot of shows in the spring and summer then when fall comes she goes into her hibernation phase.

They can whistle…another name for a Ground Hog is a Woodchuck or Whistle Pig.”

Ground Hog’s Day origins, the Germans would look to European Hedgehogs awakening to indicate the oncoming of Spring

.  When they moved to American, the Pennsylvania Dutch didn’t have Hedgehogs so the Colonists looked to the Ground Hogs to help foretell the weather.  Ground Hog day began in 1887 and is celebrated every year on February 2,

As the legend goes, the Groundhog comes out of his hibernation hole to look for his shadow.  If he see it, there will be six more weeks of bad weather and he turns around and returns to the warmth of his den. If he does not see it, usually because the day is cloudy, it is a sign that spring is near and he continues to come out of hibernation.

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