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Singer expresses journey with addiction and recovery through music

We are honored to have the talented singer/songwriter Kara Cole joining us today. Hailing from the heartland of the Midwest, Kara proudly calls Indianapolis her home. Her music is a powerful expression of her journey through life, marked by haunting undertones in her vocals and a raw authenticity that captivates listeners. Kara’s music has been her refuge and salvation, especially during her battle with addiction and her path toward recovery. It’s through her music that she’s found a space to pour out her emotions and experiences, unfiltered and deeply personal.

Kara’s voice is a testament to her authenticity, carrying a unique blend of vulnerability and strength. Her lyrics are poignant and relatable, drawing the audience into her world with a genuine plea that resonates deeply. Kara Cole’s music is a bridge that connects her to her listeners, creating an emotional bond that transcends boundaries. With just two guitars, a pedal board, and her heartfelt vocals, Kara Cole’s music is a testament to the enduring power of simplicity and authenticity in the world of singer-songwriters. We look forward to hearing more about her journey and experiencing the depth of her music.