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Six-time IndyCar series champion Graham Rahal gears up for busy month of May at IMS

When one is an IndyCar driver, May is insanely busy. If one is the hometown favorite for the Indianapolis 500, one is exponentially busier. That is Graham Rahal’s world right now. Still, the top driver and fan favorite took time out of his busy schedule to call on “Life. Style. Live!” Thursday morning.

The proponent of clean, aggressive racing talked about the physical demands of driving a race car at top speed for 500 miles and how his heart rate averages upwards of 160 beats per minute throughout the race. He spoke of his commitment to a fitness regimen that would have seemed foreign to drivers of a bygone era.

We also spoke about the disappointment at last year’s race when Rahal appeared to be very much in control throughout the race until one of his wheels literally flew off of his car, ending his day.

The young father described the joys of fatherhood and having his now nearly two-year-old daughter Harlan at the racetrack with him.

Needless to say, it was a distinct pleasure for everyone on the “Life. Style. Live!” team to meet our favorite driver and learn he is as authentic as we hoped!