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Small Batch Soups providing nutrient-rich bowls

Small Batch Soups: Quick nutritious soup for fall

Join us today with Danielle Cooney as we explore the world of delicious and hearty soups, perfect for the approaching cold season.

She will share smart tips on thickening soups with various ingredients and demonstrate how to make a quick, nutritious bowl of warmth.

If you’re in town, visit their location near Monument Circle, where they offer a tempting menu of soups, salads, and paninis for easy, on-the-go dining.

Learn how they give back with our frozen soup delivery, supporting local causes with every order.

Everything they serve is made from scratch, and they collaborate with local vendors for bread and paper products.

Discover their exciting seasonal soups and our journey of providing healthy lunch options for almost a decade, now expanding into catering and events, making fall weddings even more special with our delicious soups.

Explore more at Small Batch Soups and enjoy the flavor today!

Small Batch Soups part 2