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St. Elmo: National Espresso Martini Day

St. Elmo Espresso Martini

National Espresso Martini Day falls on Friday, March 15th. Jen Plummer, Harry & Izzy’s bartender, joined us to chat all about it!

She played a big role in perfecting the flavor of the ready-to-pour bottle.

The St. Elmo Espresso Martini is a mix of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, creating a rich drink.

It’s easy to make with the bottled version—just shake over ice and enjoy, or add your own twist with milk or unique garnishes.

The St. Elmo Espresso Martini won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. St. Elmo Steak House, a landmark in downtown Indianapolis since 1902, is famous for its steaks, fiery shrimp cocktails, and cocktails.

Drawing from years of bartending experience, they bottled their top cocktails for people to enjoy at home or anywhere.