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Stretch your seasonal decorating dollar

Holiday 101: Do you dread having to drag out your Holiday Decorations, and then putting them up? Do you find purchasing Holiday Decor items to be overwhelming?

Much like styling a space for the everyday, the team with Elle Designs says they approach their Holiday Styling in the same manner. Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor, Elle Designs, shares some helpful holiday tips to ensure your season is “Merry & Bright!”

          1. How to invest in items that can stretch your dollar and seasons

When purchasing new holiday decor items think beyond December. For example, If you desire a traditional red and green color palette for your table design, invest in some items that are solid colors, and can then be recycled for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Cloth Napkins, Table Coverings, Plate Chargers, and Dishware all offer this opportunity.

  1. Concentrate your decor to make more of an impact VS spreading things out all over your home

When creating your holiday spaces, select a few key areas that will get the most visual impact in your home. The 1st impression sets the tone for your guests, so starting at the point of entry, the Foyer, is most often attractive. Think of where your family and guests will celebrate the holiday season most, possibly the Great Room, Kitchen, and if hosting a dinner party the Dining Room. Bye saturating a few selected areas of the home with holiday decor, you can make more of an impact in these spaces VS spreading holiday cheer all through out the house. This leaves areas looking sparse and often times incomplete.

          3. Use the appropriate scale of items to give the ultimate “WOW” factor

This is SO SO important in any type of design! When we tackle an 18’ – 24’ Holiday Tree selecting the appropriate sized ornaments and trimmings are essential. Think larger then life, and in this case bigger is better. Often times in the retail store holiday decor may look large in hand, but when you place it on a tree of that statute it is the perfect scale. When these details are not kept in mind, you are left with a tree that looks naked with miniature ornaments. Another example of this is designing your Front Porch area; remember from the street view you must go for impactful pieces that are large enough to have the ultimate curb appeal.

We are decking the halls, and can help you too! Get in touch with us today and our elves can create some Holiday Magic for your home!

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