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Summer Hostess Gifts

As we know, this is high season for entertaining, and whether you receive an invitation to stay at someone’s country home or just to attend a great backyard BBQ, what will make you stand out as an amazing guest and hopefully get invited back? The perfect hostess gift!! Shaunya Hartley, Blogger and Beauty Expert, highlights six different gifts, from the traditional bottle of wine with a little twist, to gourmet candy everyone loves, to fun games that guests can enjoy as well!

  1. Greenleaf Fragrance Fan Diffuser $50
  1. Canned Cocktails…

Stella Rosa Aluminum Single Serve Wine $4.99

Slow & Low Rock and Rye $4.99

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha $3.99

Available Nationwide 

  1. Jonathan Adler Zodiac Needlepoint Throw Pillow $98
  1. Nature Nate’s Honey Tins $12
  1. Rifle Stationery Citrus Floral  Recipe Box $34
  1. Wicker Serving Caddy by Pampered Chef  $45

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