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Tailgate with Indiana popcorn

Grab the BBQ, hotdogs, cooler and drinks…. but then, GRAB THE POPCORN!

Wilfred Sieg, “Cousin Willie,” President, Ramsey Popcorn Co., Inc., shows us why popcorn makes the PERFECT tailgating snack!

  • Indiana Grown is a statewide initiative ran by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. The goal of Indiana Grown is to help consumers easily identify agricultural products produced in Indiana. The program also educates consumers on the importance of buying local, helps Indiana farmers and producers expand into new markets, and supports Indiana processors in their effort to process more Indiana Grown products.
  • While Indiana is the tenth-largest farm state in the U.S., the state hardly feeds itself with locally sourced items. Hoosiers spend $16 billion per year buying food, but less than 10 percent of that is sourced from within Indiana.
  • Ramsey Popcorn, and Indiana Grown member, is now the official popcorn of Lucas Oil Stadium, home of our beloved Colts. Along with Lucas Oil Stadium, you can see Ramsey Popcorn, as well as Cousin Willie’s, in most major retailers.
  • Ramsey Popcorn grows their corn right here in Indiana, so everything stays within the state. Colts fans can stay local this football season by enjoying Ramsey Popcorn at Lucas Oil, as well as seven other Indiana Grown members easily accessible in the stadium.
  • Since becoming a member in August of 2015, Ramsey Popcorn has experienced a 10% growth in sales, product line offerings and distribution. They have also expanded by 2,500+ stores across the country. Additionally, since becoming a member, they have two new partnerships with two farmers growing purple popcorn here in Indiana.

Cousin Willie’s Popcorn Tailgate Recipe

Makes 6 Quarts Popcorn

½ Cup Cousin Willie’s Purple Popcorn Kernels

3 TBSP Regular Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

1/3-1/2 Cup Kraft 3 Cheese Grated Parmesan, Romano & Asiago Cheese

Butter Flavor Salt

Whirley Popper or Heavy Pot with handle and lid to be able to shake.

Pop the popcorn using a large, heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid or a popcorn maker (Whirley Pop).  Do not add any ingredients while the popper is on any heat source.Stove Instructions for Whirley Popcorn Popper

  • Do not preheat popper and oil
  • Place popper with Olive Oil and Cousin Willie’s Purple Popcorn Kernels on gas stove and turn on the burner. Medium heat is best.
  • If using electric range, heat range only to medium-high; place popper with added ingredients on heated unit
  • Stir slowly, adjust temperature as needed so popping is complete in about 3 minutes-(If using a pot will need to shake from front to back instead of stirring)
  • Continue stirring through entire process until there is only an occasional pop…pop, or until the handle becomes hard to turn. Do not force the handle.
  • Remove from heat immediately
  • Transfer into a serving bowl
  • Add butter flavored salt and 3 Cheese Grated Parmesan, Romano,& Asiago Cheese


Never place empty popper on heated stovetop

Never leave children unattended

Never leave popper unattended while popping

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