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The Pacers win Game 2 of its Eastern Conference playoff series vs. Milwaukee

The Film Yap reviews “Sausage Party,” “Pete’s Dragon,” and more!

It’s gonna be a hot one this weekend, so the movie theater might be the place you’ll want to be. The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd has a look at “what’s playing!”Florence Foster Jenkins

Meryl Streep shines in this true-ish biography of a wealthy socialite who dreamed of being an opera star, despite having not a lick of talent. With Hugh Grant.”

Pete’s Dragon

Absolutely charming family picture that anyone from tyke to toothless granny can enjoy. An orphan boy grows up in the woods with a giant green dragon as his pet/parent, until troublesome city folk come calling.”

Sausage Party

Adult animation at its crudest, with Seth Rogen voicing a hunk o’ meat who is horrified to learn that humans only want to take food home to eat it.”


This documentary looks at the life and rebirth of Steve Gleason, a former NFL player diagnosed with ALS at the age of 34, who was determined not to let it sap his spirit.”


Logan Lerman plays a Jewish kid from humble New Jersey roots who struggles to fit in at a tiny Ohio college in this drama based on the novel by Philip Roth.”

Don’t Think Twice

Keegan-Michael Key plays a member of a close-knit comedy improve troupe who gets a big break that causes resentment among his friends. Written, directed and co-starring Mike Birbiglia.”


This World War II drama chronicles the true story of a secret operation to assassinate the Nazi general who was the main architect of the Final Solution. Starring Cillian Murphy.”


A look at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, with an effective performance by Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. Stream It.”

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