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The Film Yap reviews “Star Trek Beyond,” “Lights Out,” and more!

Check ’em out! The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd reviews what’s in theaters this weekend!• Star Trek Beyond

The third outing of the newest generation of Trek was not screened in advance for critics, so set your phasers to disappointment. The Enterprise crew is trapped on a strange planet.”

• Captain Fantastic

Viggo Mortensen plays a dad raising his six kids in the wilderness, but has to confront modern society to attend the funeral of his wife. Wise, funny and entertaining.”

• Absolutely Fabulous

The awful, aging Brit divas are back in a cinematic version that’s absolutely mediocre. Not enough story to sustain a feature-length film, even a short one.”

• Ice Age: Collision Course

Forgive me, but isn’t this like the fifth time the animated critters have been threatened with the end of the world? Maybe it’s time for this franchise to really become extinct.”

• Lights out

The latest supernatural spookfest has a young woman and her kid brother threatened by boogums that only appear when the lights are turned off.”

• Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Skip It

DC Comics’ attempt to jump-start an “Avengers”-style universe is a chaotic mess, though Ben Affleck has brooding charisma as Bats. Skip It.”

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