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The Film Yap Reviews This Weekend’s Releases

The weekend is finally here, and that means The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd has the list of what’s playing in theaters! Here it is:Zootopia

A middle-shelf offering from the Disney animation empire, about a brave bunny cop in a critter-filled world. Fun, colorful, though the message sometimes drowns out the entertainment.”

London Has Fallen

This engaging action sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” returns Gerard Butler as a never-say-die Secret Service agent protecting the President during a mass attack on world leaders.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey stars in this comedic take on a hard-partying journalist covering Iraq and Afghanistan, loosely based on Kim Barker.”

The Boy and the Beast

Japanese anime about a homeless boy adopted by a samurai bear, who becomes his teacher and protector.”

The Other Side of the Door

A mother mourning her dead son finds out about a dark ritual that could bring him back, but there are… consequences.”

Legend – Buy It

Sort of a British “Goodfellas,” this is a look at the flashy Kray twins, who ruled London’s underworld during the 1960s. Great performance(s) by Tom Hardy.”

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